A SONIC 2Beta Page

In order to see the full sprites, right click and either save the picture or open it in a new tab/window. The Chinese bootleg cartridge itself.
On Christmas '96, I was given a weird cartridge as a gift from one of my friends. It's a weird Sonic 2 Cartridge that's a "prototype". I was able to dump it and play the game on KGen. I gotta say, this is very strange. Let's get into this.
Ok, to start, here's some context. Since Sonic 1 was a smash hit, everyone wanted a sequel. In summer of 1992 at a toy show, a Sonic 2 cartridge was playing. However, it was stolen and made into Chinese bootleg cartridges. I bet some kid had one of these as their only sonic 2 and was dissapointed that the game only had 4 zones and the last was the easiest for some reason. I feel a bit bad for him.
Title screen

The Photos

Neo Green Hill Zone

It all starts off with the title screen. It's noticably different from the final. The emblem itself was used in the Game gear Sonic 2, the background is Emerald Hill's (which is called Green Hill btw), and the copyright uses Sonic 1's font.
Neo Green Hill Zone?Ok so this is Neo Green Hill Zone (Aquatic Ruin in the final), Sonic's sprites look a whole lot like Sonic 1's sprites for some reason.
Tails Sprite
Tails' sprites are a bit different as well. There is no shine on his roll/jump sprites.

There is no act clear jingle. Also, tails doesn't fly back to you
no act clear textwhen he dies, he just falls out of the sky while in his roll sprite.

Weird skid animation
Sonic's skid animation is like in Sonic 1, but with before and after frames. Strange, but I kind of like it.

springThe spring animation fixes an error in Sonic 1. In Sonic 1's spring animation, the shoe sprite doesn't have the white stripe.

No Boss

I guess Neo Green Hill Zone just doesn't have a boss. Okay.
(I get that this is an early proto. Alright?)